Space Police on Super Highway 9

Baddies. The scum of our Super Highways. Drunk drivers, high on Super Space Juice. Criminals, fleeing the scenes of their dastardly space crimes. Old ladies, blind without their Space Specs. Deal with them, Rookie, and restore Space Justice to Super Highway 9.


Take your Avatar hang gliding over beautiful islands and an active volcano. Race through Ring Rush, collect stars in Star Smash, hit your targets in Delivery Dash, or simply unwind and explore in Free Flight. Three unique settings and nine challenges, all with online scoreboards. Take to the skies TODAY!

Crate Expectations

Crate Expectations is a game about screwing up everyone else's plans. Strategically block their paths, trap them with ice and generally annoy your rivals so that you can race ahead to deliver your crates! Play on 69 lovely levels with our Super Evil AI, friends on your couch or players all over the world over LIVE. Note that we cannot guarantee that friends will remain friends while playing.

Why the Xbox One is good for Indies

Posted at 8:13 by Jock

I was recently asked why I develop for the Xbox Live Indie Game marketplace rather than PC or other platforms. My response made noises about moving on to Unity and PlayStation 4 because of the abandonment of XNA and there being no news on what support there would be for self-publishing on the new Xbox. I’ve been thinking about this over the last few days and something felt wrong about what I’d said. It stank of whiny yeast, bitter bile, Microsoft-bashing and not really grokking what being an Indie developer is about. The Xbox One is going to be awesome for Indie developers because we aren’t going to be on it.

The big fish are about to leave the pond

When a new console comes out there’s a huge drive toward it, with the manufacturer herding the publishers and developers along.  The publishers show off the eye-candy, the manufacturers make a big song and dance and the uber-geek developers can’t wait to get their hands on the shiny new hardware. It’s an exciting time for everyone but there’s always a period of transition where there’s a massive existing market that the big game companies simply drop. This is going to leave us Indies with 70 million users hungry for new games.

Grokking Indie

If you’re an Indie developer you might be thinking “Hey, I want to try that shiny new hardware too!” but first ask yourself if you’ve actually reached the hardware limits of the 360. If you answer yes then I suggest you do a side-by-side comparison of a recent triple-A release and your game. If you still honestly answer yes then congratulations and I suggest you get a publishing deal with Microsoft. To me the Indie movement is about trying new ideas, experimenting with the medium and exploring the boundaries of what a game is. None of these things require something the Xbox One has that the 360 doesn’t.

I have a hope that Microsoft is fully aware of the transition period ahead and have a plan for improving Indie content accessibility on the 360. I also have a fear that they will be brutal in their herding of customers on to the Xbox One and our XNA memberships will be cut short. However the hope is stronger than the fear and I for one intend to stick around on the platform for a good few years yet. I encourage you to do the same.


… and then there was one

Posted at 19:00 by Jock

Sadly our yearly earnings have dipped so low that we did not make enough money to pay our accountant. Alex has moved down to London and Duncan and I are now full-time employees at Kotikan. Alex and Duncan have decided to leave the partnership and so I am left holding the guttering torch that is Haiku Interactive, but fear not fan(s) there are a few games yet to come out of this little studio.

AvaGlide 2

We did release AvaGlide 2 on 1st July 2012 on XBLIG… and then pulled it immediately when I realised I could hear players talking in their front living rooms; our high score table was spying on people! We’d disabled chat client-to-server and server-to-client but missed out client-to-client. Probably shouldn’t tell anyone about that. After fixing and re-releasing we’d missed that oh so important new-releases window that makes or breaks an XBLIG game. There’s still a crash bug in the game which I’ve not managed to reproduce but it makes me reluctant to market the game any further. If you have bought AvaGlide 2 and are experiencing the crash please let me know details and I’ll get on the case after…

Dungeon Smash

After two years of on-and-off development on this baby I’m finally pushing it out into the wild. It’s a 4-player-co-op-twin-stick-shooter-fantasy-RPG (I’d love to hear and see that in German) originally inspired by Gauntlet and intended to be a game that would make us a quick buck given the success of I Made a Game With Zombies In It. As development progressed a story emerged and how the players interact with the story is a bit special. The music in the game are original pieces by Tom Barton and Jamie Telford, it’s interactive and when things get crazy the intensity ramps all the way up to 11! The artwork has been done by the awesome Stuart Beel, here’s a sample:

Dungeon Smash Box Art

Dungeon Smash Box Art by Stuart Beel

The in-game character and monster sprites are all renders with normal-maps generated with a script in DAZ Studio which is something I’ll give more detail on after the game is released. If the peer-review gods are good to us the game will be released on 1st July. Check out the old trailer to get the full flavour of the game.



New website launched!

Posted at 19:07 by Dunc

Welcome one, welcome all, to the new home of Haiku Interactive! We pulled ourselves away from furiously programming games to instead furiously program a website, and although there’s still plenty of work to be done, it is beginning to take shape! Please excuse the missing carpets, dangling cables, and unfinished plumbing while we get ourselves settled in.

As time goes by we’ll be using this place to catalogue our releases, give insights into what is coming next, and blog about the development process with anything you may find interesting. Who knows, maybe once in a while there’ll be some download codes shared, or sneaky screenshot releases, or hints and tips for our games. You’ll just need to visit once in a while to find out!