Space Police on Super Highway 9

Baddies. The scum of our Super Highways. Drunk drivers, high on Super Space Juice. Criminals, fleeing the scenes of their dastardly space crimes. Old ladies, blind without their Space Specs. Deal with them, Rookie, and restore Space Justice to Super Highway 9.


Take your Avatar hang gliding over beautiful islands and an active volcano. Race through Ring Rush, collect stars in Star Smash, hit your targets in Delivery Dash, or simply unwind and explore in Free Flight. Three unique settings and nine challenges, all with online scoreboards. Take to the skies TODAY!

Crate Expectations

Crate Expectations is a game about screwing up everyone else's plans. Strategically block their paths, trap them with ice and generally annoy your rivals so that you can race ahead to deliver your crates! Play on 69 lovely levels with our Super Evil AI, friends on your couch or players all over the world over LIVE. Note that we cannot guarantee that friends will remain friends while playing.

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